Video Training : TrainSignal Exchange Server 2007 Tutorial Series 1
Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft Exchange Server) product from Microsoft servers and applications This product was originally used as a mail server or the mail. The mail server storage space for messages usually include a set of rules defining a list of users and a set of modules for communication. The capabilities of the software security against spam and viruses in the 2007 version of the program, theMac ‘s internal IP address or spam with spam and anti-virus or Anti-virus tools and powerful tool for filtering and monitoring multiple devices, was presented. Exchange Server 2007 software is a modular system consisting of five Role of the Edge Transport, Hub Transport, Mailbox, Client Access, and Unified Messaging is.

The most important feature is its ability to support the Persian language. In this version of the softwareuser interface has been provided completely in Persian. 
The courses teach the basic functionality TrainSignal Exchange Server 2007 Tutorial Series you will learn and practice this powerful application. 

– Essential principles Exchange Server 2007 
– Backup and Recovery in Exchange Server 2007 
– Pavrshl Exchange Server 2007 
– And … 

This in-depth course will teach you the essentials of working with Exchange Server 2007. 

Exchange Server 2007: 
– Introduction to Video Series 
– Introduction to Exchange 2007 
– Pre-Installation Preparation 
– Installation Overview 
– Exchange Management Console 
– Exchange Management Shell 
– Exchange 2007 Database

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