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Nowadays, with the development of civilization and human progress, human need to speed up your daily routine with minimum error and has had a significant increase in computers and software. Excel 2013 is one of these applications. This popular software, popular, efficient and very powerful, with features that meet the needs of their users, such as multi-dimensional, do different things, support most formats, compatible with many software and countless Years longer able to stay in the world ranking. The special feature of this software could be census, making statistical graphs, noting automation systems. Software work with Excel 2013 because of the many tools and options, but it seems a bit complicated and hard Tutorial Excel 2013: Advanced Formatting Techniques gives you the tools and options that allow the software complexity Learn powerful, efficient and easy to work with it to see which of the myriad capabilities of Excel 2013 software can be responsive to your needs today.
Pictures of the surroundings Tutorial Excel 2013:
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The main topics of training include the following:
– Adjustable fonts, cell borders and fill
– Coordinating text
– Create space indenting data
– Set the format for time, date, phone number, zip codes and more
– Create formatted with conditional formatting based on a formula
– Set the row height and column width
– Add background images and photos
– Plot Data
– Printing Double-spaced data
Genre: Educational
Training duration: 2 hours and 58 minutes
On View: Dec / 10/2013
Required software: Excel 2013
Level of Education: Advanced
Display quality: 480p
Source: Lyda

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