Medal of Honor 2010 | تاپ 2 دانلود

Download Medal of Honor 2010 Game for PS3

| Runs on CFW 3.55 – CFW 4.41 – CFW 4.46 |
Data Release Date: 10/12/2010 
Requirements Platform: PS3 
Game Type: Action 
Type: Full crystal 
Language: ENG 
Applications: CFW 4.46, 4.41, 3.55 
Idi game: BLES00860 
File Size: 17.4 GB

About the game:

The story of the game Medal of Honor two thousand and ten from the fact that the narrator is made ​​to Tier 1 is a combat team that is composed of several soldiers trained, and this team has a duty to reveal the secret to destroy Taliban forces . It’s a war very similar to the Bad Company is. In addition to the forces Tier 1, U.S. forces NCA, Ranger and Boeing AH-64 Apache pilots, including troops who have played a strong role to play. Each team has its own title. Like voodoo, rabbit, Mother, Vegas, Dusty and the …. At each stage you will play a soldier and not a single championship. Generally speaking, the game’s story, a true story that is written according to the members of the team and usually the true story of the important consideration, but in our game with one end of the end, we face a strange overloaded the story is exciting.
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Medal of Honor 2010 frostbite 2 game engine is built. The first and most important thing any gamer finds a first-person shooter, the player’s gun graphic is not to say that in this case the Medal of Honor. The player as a plastic and is rugged and lifeless. Next, figure the total playing time of comrades are doomed to see them, and in this case the Medal of Honor childish acts. Very dry and lifeless faces, the most optimistic case, they had been in games where we’ve seen before 2005. Video game environment in some scenes (for example: the stage where it is at night and in the rain) is a beautiful old in most scenes. Another video game, it is light.Most scenes are very dark and not really being able to see enemies in the dark. Structural Graphics enemies even worse than your arms. Almost all the enemies, in one form or another clothes. The middle ground weapons have a bad graphic above to add. The right Ngzrym cinematic scenes of real and fantastic match so that you’re not a moment of self-doubt are browsing blue ray movie graphics. The gameplay has a very good balance that makes the game not boring at all. Stealth of night and directed the helicopter to the exciting games are considered. You are also steps that are seen in the role of Ranger training procedures are extremely busy and engaged in a campaign to raise a considerable extent. Various weapons, but they have good performance for each group and each team will carry their own weapons and weapons of n-3 and Ak-4 does not exceed Dshnman. U.S. helicopters conducting phase, and new Madden game is part of the process to recall the example of a modern first-person game we had not seen it before. Well guided engine parts in the desert in one of the game equally interesting exciting.

Photos gaming environment:

دانلود بازی Medal of Honor 2010 برای PS3 | تاپ 2 دانلود
دانلود بازی Medal of Honor 2010 برای PS3 | تاپ 2 دانلود
دانلود بازی Medal of Honor 2010 برای PS3 | تاپ 2 دانلود
دانلود بازی Medal of Honor 2010 برای PS3 | تاپ 2 دانلود
دانلود بازی Medal of Honor 2010 برای PS3 | تاپ 2 دانلود

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