PC Software : Uninstall Tool 3.4 Build 5350 1
Additional software Uninstall Tool removal tool to delete files useless files in Windows , the file is useless to identify and remove from your system. Uninstall Tool application software is unique and has the power to remove the top of the remove useless files that identifies the file unusable at high speed and without damaging the operating system and Software into the operating system , you can delete those files and in terms of security is high. reliable software Uninstall Tool has many features for your application is that many of the capabilities of a high-security It adds to your applications. The software interface is very easy for users who have the toolbar with specific functions that can be top or bottom of the toolbar to be adjusted and that can be used. software is to provide Uninstall Tool to be constant and it is optimized. You can update the various HTML reports that can be done to get the software that makes the audience aware of the changes that have taken place. Software configuration and updates performed at prefrences.xml files are stored.
Features Uninstall Tool:
– On all Microsoft platforms including 64-bit versions are supported windows8.1.
– With regard to the functionality of the software is a little volume.
– Is a multi-lingual capabilities.
– The User Panel is simple to use.
– Does not use much system resources and is very fast.
– Fall back into your system can not be deleted anymore.
Screenshots of the software environment Uninstall Tool