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PC Software : SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7 x86/x64 1
SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7 x86/x64 Siemens suite of software applications is the management of industrial machinery and factory. Using the software, users can become familiar with TIA Automation Integration seven different processes and to manage them. All equipment for producing and processing sectors middle Siemens software is able to control and can use all the applications process automation platform coverage Production, primary processing your monitor. The advantages of an integrated management software, data, communication and configuration, maintenance data cited. In order to integrate information management means that all software components are connected to a common database of all project inputs and observe the changes even at one point. SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7 with more than eleven thousand three hundred projects have been put on a show of power. Advanced engineering systems software standards and monitoring communication between machines is planned.
The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system is a significant component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the unique basis offered by Siemens for uniform and customized automation in all sectors of the production, process and hybrid industries. Using TIA, Siemens is able to offer uniform automation technology on one single platform for all applications of process automation, starting with input logistics, covering production or primary processes as well as downstream (secondary) processes, up to output logistics. This is suitable for optimization of all operating sequences of an entire company, ie from the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level and MES (Management Execution System) level to the control level, right down to the field level.
Compatibility of further developments is guaranteed within TIA. This also guarantees that the company’s investments have a secure future, and allows the company to modernize and expand the plants throughout the complete lifecycle.
Integrated in a holistic automation solution for a production site, automation of the primary processes is the prime task of SIMATIC PCS 7. On the other hand, secondary processes (eg filling, packaging) or input / output logistics (eg raw material distribution, storage ) are frequently implemented using the PLC-based or PC-based components of SIMATIC.
The advantages of Totally Integrated Automation, in particular the integrated data management, communication and configuration, are already evident during planning and engineering, but also during installation and commissioning, everyday operation as well as maintenance, repairs and modernization.
Integrated data management
Integrated data management means that all software components access a common database. Within a project, inputs and modifications are therefore only necessary at one point. This reduces the work required, and simultaneously avoids potential faults. Once symbolic identifications have been introduced, they are understood by every software component. Data consistency is also guaranteed even if several persons are working simultaneously on a project. Parameters defined in the engineering system can be transferred beyond the network limits down to sensors, actuators or drives in the field.
Screenshots of the software environment:

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