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Data cleansing software download O & O SafeErase Professional 7.0.16
O & O SafeErase Professional 7.0.16 Data cleanup software is ideal for users who want all the information on the hard drive and remove the whole to protect their privacy. O & O SafeErase Professional software Mbtvanyd all files, folders, files remove. In addition, we can remove the disk drive peripheral devices such as memory cards, USB used. Analysis of AlgorithmsThe amount of memory, hard drive software to seamlessly converts. Using search engine software intended partition, all content is analyzed. 6 ways to build secure software has been used. In addition to hard drive cleaning software to clean all the security information in the browser. Reporting to the hard drive status is displayed for the user and the tool gives the user access to be able to analyze the system status.
Feature Software O & O SafeErase Professional 7.0.16:
– Support files, Partshyn, folders
– Support for external memory card
– View free hard disk space
– Six ways to permanently delete files
– No need to boot Windows
– Six Ways to Create Security
– Internet browsers integration
– Accurate reporting tool for hard disk
– Roughly the speed optimizer for Windows
– Supported OS Xp / Vista / 7/8
Important Features at a Glance 
• SafeErasing: 
– Files, folders and individual partitions 
– Memory cards and USB data volumes 
– Free hard disk space 
– Entire computer, no boot medium necessary 
– Internet and temporary program files 
• Securely move files and folders 
• Six methods to permanently delete sensitive data 
• Complete integration into Windows Explorer 
• Detailed reports as proof of deletion 
• Speed ​​optimization of deletion processes 
• NEW: Analysis tool to search for unsafely deleted files 
• NEW: Adapted deletion method for SSDs 
• NEW: Enhanced report and activity management

Pictures of Environment Software O & O SafeErase Professional 7.0.16:
O & O SafeErase Professional 7.0.169 O & O SafeErase Professional 7.0.169