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Download Folder Lock v7.2.2 Software to encrypt and lock files
Folder Lock v7.2.2 File Security is a software application that can help them in a blink of files, photos and documents numerous hidden or locked to encryption. This software makes it possible for users to put on their personal files encrypted. The software files can not be deleted, hidden from the eyes of children and others to hide Them against Trojans, viruses, and threats to network security. With this software can be found on the files of portable storage devices such as USB Flash, Memory Sticks, CD-RW floppies also be protected. This product can help lower the volume on your computer and put locks on the files on kernel level, Windows and DOS can also lock.
Software features:
– Encoding the files, photos and documents
– A simple environment for amateur and professional users
– Non-deleted files by locking
– No ability to save your password on disk or registry
– Protect locked files on network computers
– And …
Screenshots of the software environment:
Minimum System Requirements:
– Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista
– 256 MB RAM
– 8 MB of free space
– Resolution 1024 x 768