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Software installed on your operating system can store many files on your system, perhaps many of them just fill your space and it is not required. To identify and delete these files, there are many software PrivaZer a simple example of this is a high-speed software to detect and remove these files from the system you pay.This software was checked various software-related files, add files and identify them easily removed, which could increase the speed of hard space. This software supports all types of browsers like Firefox , ChromeOpera , etc, Cache and other related files are not used to detect and remove them out of your system.The software can also improve the performance of the last date used for file deletion set up new files remain on the system.
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Key Features Applications PrivaZer:

Absolutely free.
Simple and understandable.
Ability to identify and remove the extra Cache.
The ability to recognize added files FireFox.
Identify the smallest files.
Support a variety of applications.
Ability to determine the last date of the file.
Compatible with all Windows ….
Supports 32 and 64 bit systems.
And ….

Screenshots of the software environment PrivaZer:

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