PC Software : Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5.38774 with Universal Restore + Crack 1
In today’s world where information technology computer always makes the first letter of the loss or removal of damaged of information systems is one of great concern, users. In this regard, backup and data recovery software help system users raced.One of the strongest of these applications is Acronis Backup Advanced software for fast backup protection and world class design. This software is very powerful and Excellent compatibility with all the fast and highly flexible environments, regardless of the complexity of their environment, users could remove the fear and disaster recovery information and the right to destroy them. Application Software Acronis Backup Advanced With Tools In the context of multiple backup and recovery of lost corrupted data and managed countless users around the world in different working classes fascinated her, and one of the first software class field to change the software Specifically designed for corporate environments Big World. The software with features like schedule backup and restore files and data storage and retrieval system or server the preferred route of a mail server or an entire server to protect information systems to help you.
Software features of Acronis Backup Advanced:
– Restore the smallest part
– Optional retrieved by selecting the desired file
– Having a safe area for storing backups
– Unrivaled hardware compatibility
– Automatic Backup
– Based Backup and Event Planning
– Direct management performance
– Universal Recovery
Different versions of Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5.38774 with Universal Restore previous versions:
– Create your Perfect Backup Solution
– Easier management
Pictures of Environment Software Acronis Backup Advanced:
Acronis-Backup-Advanced-11.5.38774-3-www.download.ir Acronis-Backup-Advanced-11.5.38774-4-www.download.ir Acronis-Backup-Advanced-11.5.38774-5-www.download.ir Acronis-Backup-Advanced-11.5.38774-1-www.download.ir Acronis-Backup-Advanced-11.5.38774-2-www.download.ir
Required operating system software Acronis Backup Advanced:
Support for all major platforms