PC Game : Murdered: Soul Suspect - CODEX 1
Computer games Murdered Soul Suspect Murder soul of the game style action and adventure that is designed and built by Airtight Games and in June 2014 for the PC platform to be marketed by the company Square Enix. Many people think the end is death, but the dutiful police Detective Ronan O’Connor Ronan O’Connor, death is not the end of the story fascinating and exciting story starter. The story of America in the United States and around Detective O’Connor It is narrated by a criminal who brutally murdered is cruel. Ronan soul until he can find his killer and take revenge from him, will not relax. Ronan after the Spirit turns into a strange and extraordinary gains powers that will help him to understand the facts. However, many of these challenges and enemies you encounter evil creatures that try to kill him. Open world game that allows players to different parts of the city to obtain documents and evidence that the suspect approached her to travel. A new trailer has just been released in a new character named Joy, which has Mavraaltbyy forces and could see O’Connor to speak with him, he also helps in finding Qatlsh. More information about the game has not been released yet and the release will be guest at your disposal.
Profile Play Murdered Soul Suspect:
Name game: Murdered Soul Suspect
Name Game (Persian): soul murder
Platform: PC
Language: English
Year of publication: 2014
Brand: Airtight Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Action and Adventure
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