NirLauncher Package

NirLauncher Package
NirLauncher Package sets a useful tool for Windows with over 150 portable Windows software that is available for free by NirSoft developed over the years. You have to download the software free of charge provided that it is compact and can easily be the most important tool Bashyd.ayn access Windows software has more than a hundred and fifty different programs and applications for Windows that recovery multiple passwords, view and browser cache management, tools for working with network, system memory, and disk drives and various programs for playing and managing audio and video files, and search tools to the desktop in Windows and … is no need to install any of them, and even portable USB memory sticks are also available. This package is very simple and easy for all users can benefit from it. 

A key feature of the software NirLauncher Package: 
– Recovers passwords for different 
– Ability to display and browser cache management 
– Tools for working with different networks 
– Systems and Hard Disk 
– Ability to use and requires no install flash 
– Ability to use completely free of all software included in this package 
– Ability to search for files in the system 
– Ability to add software packages to main packages 
– Compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 7, and 8 
– And …