MAC Software : Foundry nukex 8.0 v4 1
The Foundry Nukex software is a powerful and professional software mixing, and visual effects, which is assembled in providing unbeatable managed several tools to speed the software in the field into one of the category and if you are looking for a mixing software for tasks such as assembly, making the visual effects are a beginner or advanced This software can not fulfill your desire. The Foundry Nukex software by providing numerous tools and synthetic, high flexibility, the screen is attractive and simple to operate, user-friendly environment and packages for those interested in this field able to confront the challenges this direction with the solutions complex combination simple new, yet efficient and developed to arm the evolution process of making and creating visual effects. One of the most striking features of this software is very high interaction with the external application without leaving it. 
Software features The Foundry Nukex: 
– View timelines powerful
– Control of Color
– Showing progress results
– Intelligent Assistance Program user
– Enhance the speed and performance improvements
– Advanced color matching
– Advanced 3D Control
The Foundry Nukex 8.0 v4 version changes compared to previous version:
– Combine 3D
– Support for higher magnification
– Supports multi-channel, high dynamic range
– Flexible user interface
– Access Programming
– Easy access to keys
Pictures of Environment Software The Foundry Nukex:
System Requirements Software The Foundry Nukex:
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition or above. 
x86-64 processor, such as Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon, with SSE3 instruction set support (or newer). 
5 GB disk space available for caching and temporary files. 
1 GB RAM (minimum requirement). 
Display with at least 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and 24-bit color. 
Graphics card with at least 512 MB of video memory and driver support for OpenGL 2.0 (minimum requirement). 
To enable optional GPU acceleration of Viewer processing, you need OpenGL 2.0 with support for floating point textures and GLSL. 
To enable Nuke to calculate certain nodes using the GPU, there are some additional requirements. For more information, see Requirements for GPU Acceleration. 
R3D Rocket cards require the Rocket Driver and Firmware or later.

Password : (if needed)