Asphalt Overdrive v1.0.2

Asphalt Overdrive v1.0.2
Play the newest edition of the Asphalt Overdrive series games are popular Asphalte by Gameloft Studio for Android and iOS platforms have been published. This version of the game has a different style of earlier versions is gender concepts. In this series, we saw a story isolated in California in the 80s. There are many different and exciting gameplay Asphalte Overdrive. Nearly 30 licensed cars from the 80’s in the game is the variety of multiply Has. Asphalt Series games are always very popular among users of Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

The game features Asphalte Overdrive:

– With 30 licensed cars such as the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa
– The ability to upgrade the various parts Car
– 7 different types of missions such as Escape the cops, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles, perform impressive stunts and …
– Fantastic graphics and fits 80s
– Compatible with iOS 6 and above.

Pictures From The Game

Asphalt Overdrive v1.0.2 s1Asphalt Overdrive v1.0.2 s2 Asphalt Overdrive v1.0.2 s3
Discover the award-winning Asphalt series’ first spinoff with Asphalt Overdrive, an intense experience packed to go! Outrun the cops in an exciting game set in a “new ’80s” version of California.AN ORIGINAL MISSION-BASED DRIVING GAME Unlock and drive 30 high-performance, fully licensed vehicles such as the iconic Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa! Improve and upgrade your cars to dominate the city streets Challenge yourself in 7 different mission types: Escape the cops, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles, perform impressive stunts, and more! A UNIQUE STYLE Drive across the gorgeous highways of Southern California Enjoy a subtly retro “new ’80s” atmosphere Stunning visuals thanks to real-time lighting and particle effects CHALLENGE THE WORLD Connect to Facebook or Game Center to play with or against your friends Join a gang to team up with other players and achieve weekly objectives Track your progress and show off your skills as you advance in League championships Compete in limited-time, Gang, and League events as you battle to the top of the leaderboards.

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