HD Video : National Geographic Wild Crocpocalypse 1
Documentary National Geographic Wild Crocpocalypse an interesting documentary about the life of Crocodile Crocodile familiar are you with the life. Many Australian saltwater crocodiles live. Florida crocodile that lived in America where the breed was extinct in the past that the special arrangements that have been on the rise right now. Crocodile numbers in 1975 due to environmental degradation America was in decline in the species population at that time was about 200 Crocodile and 30 years since then increased to over 2,000. Biologists Mark Parry and Joe Vasylsky to help boost these kinds of things in America much effort did in Florida. George Xun’s Mark Parry explains how the New Everglades Park to help raise Kvrvkdyl that this was the place where they had been living, but there was somewhere for the survival of generations Crocodile. There is even a better place to live in Australia brine rent Kdyl than Tshkhys Florida was America in the area of ​​these creatures rose to nearly 100,000.A major problem of human life is to keep them because they are a threat to the survival of the human race. Adam Brayton Zvlgyst named Tommy Nichols for the maintenance of the species in the National Park joins Kakadv place to keep them away from humans are. As people continue to live their lives away from crocodiles to humans carry.
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Zhatr: Documentary – Wildlife
Production Company: National Geographic
Production year: 2014
Language: English
Quality: 720p
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Time: 43 minutes

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