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Men of War: Condemned
Game Men of War Condemned Heroes of Light Action, which is strategically built by Studio 1 C Softclub and 12 April 2012 by 1 C Company have been published. Story of a Famous Battalion of the Soviet Union in World War II. This war is known as the Non Step Back Stalin’s command. In this war by military court convicted and guilty people are given the opportunity to perform hazardous tasks during The war against the enemy to clear his name. The operation was performed by several groups during the Second World War and Men of War Condemned Heroe s story is based on the reality of those who survived the war have been made. You play as the leader of one of these groups, you and your task is to guide them to victory in the East. War of 1942 and the volyn in Ukrainian, Operation Bagration in the Brest and starts to German Altdam finally ends. The game is great graphics and figures, military uniforms and other items as well simulated. Strategic gameplay style is the best ever made.

Game profile:

Game Name : Men of War: Condemned Heroes
Platform: PC
Manufacturer: 1 C Softclub
Issuer company: 1 C Company
Genre: Action, strategic

Pictures from the game Men of War: Condemned Heroes

Men of War: Condemned Heroes s1
Men of War: Condemned Heroes s2
Men of War: Condemned Heroes s3

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