Download VirtualBox v5.1.22 Build 115126 + Extension Pack

VirtualBox product called Oracle application of which allows users to use multiple operating systems as virtual user. The software application loading speed and ultra high virtual platforms and users do not feel that Windows or virtual operating system. It supports a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Windows and full support. It is enough disk space assigned to the application to virtualized operating system to be installed.

Some key feature of the software VirtualBox:

  • a lower volume than similar software
  • Full support for all versions of Windows , including Windows 7
  • support a variety of operating systems
  • fast loading platforms
  • Ability to establish networks in among the main operating system and virtual
  • from the hardware resources such as an optical drive, floppy drive, etc.
  • ability to connect to the internet
  • the ability to install the operating system of the image
  • adjustable disk space, RAM, graphics and more. ..
  • ability to see the virtual operating system
  • easy to use software
  • free software
  • and …

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VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use , VirtualBox is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software.

Virtual USB Controllers:

VirtualBox implements a virtual USB controller and allows you to connect arbitrary USB devices to your virtual machines without having to install device specific drivers on the host.

Remote Desktop Protocol:

Unlike any other virtualization software, VirtualBox fully supports the standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). A virtual machine can act as an RDP server, allowing you to “run” the virtual machine remotely on some thin client that merely displays the RDP data.

USB over RDP:

With this unique feature, a virtual machine that acts as an RDP server can still access arbitrary USB devices that are connected on the RDP client. This way, a powerful server machine can virtualize a lot of thin clients that merely need to display RDP data and have USB devices plugged in.

Shared folders:

Like many other virtualization solutions, for easy data exchange between hosts and guests, VirtualBox allows for declaring certain host directories as “shared folders”, which can then be accessed from within virtual machines.