Book : Basic AC Motor 1
Name : Basic AC Motor || Pages : 74

Upon completion of Basics of AC Motors you should be ableto:
• Explain the concepts of force, inertia, speed, and torque
• Explain the difference between work and power
• Describe the construction of a squirrel cage AC motor
• Describe the operation of a rotating magnetic field
• Calculate synchronous speed, slip, and rotor speed
• Plot starting torque, accelerating torque, breakdown
torque, and full-load torque on a NEMA torque curve
• Apply derating factors as required by an application
• Describe the relationship between V/Hz, torque, and
• Match an AC motor to an application and its load
• Identify NEMA enclosures and mounting configurations
• Describe Siemens NEMA, IEC, and above NEMA motors