Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5 Blackout
Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a first-person shooter game that is set on 24 July 2014 for Android smartphones, iOS, Windows Mobile and Windows 8 is released. Caydan Phoenix is ​​the main hero of this version of the game. Two other characters that have the main role in the Blackout version Tukura and Roux   Requirements. The game begins with the curtain at an event in Phoenix and Roux Gilman HQ in Tokyo. A month before the World Liberation Army Prehensile a surprise attack in Venice, Italy did, and a week after that to many Asians were attacked network. Phoenix is trying to persuade Roux to attack carried out in Venice a cover for something bigger Roux but he does not care to talk. The curtains can be controlled and Phoenix on Venus Italy in a few weeks before the start. One of the major changes that have occurred in the Blackout Campaign shorten the duration of each stage of the game. On average, each step will take between 5 to 10 minutes. In general, the steps in this version of the game, unlike Zero Hour is a superior pattern control characters in addition to playing the game you will be able to control the boat, in is the have a even more helicopters.
Game profile:
Name Game: Modern Combat 5 Blackout
Name Game (Persian): Modern Kombat 5 off
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows 8
Release Date: 24 July 2014
Manufacturer: Gameloft Bucharest
Company Publisher: Gameloft
Genre: First-person shooter
: Apple
iPhone 4S and up
iPad 2 and up
All iPad Minis
iPod Touch 5th generation
: Android
Exynos 4 Dual and newer
Snapdragon S4 and newer
Tegra 3 and newer
AND at least 512MB of RAM
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Manufacturer: Gameloft 
File size: 670 MB 
Android & iOS Game : Modern Combat 5 Blackout 1

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