Fingers Vs Knife Fingers Vs Knife 3D game download for android
One of the games that you can test your nerves and focus on fun and addictive Fingers Vs Knife 3D finger against the knife is. You are Playing
Fingers Vs Knife 3D should be tapping your phone’s screen the knife
between your fingers crossed and every moment of one’s own pace without a
knife and hand to treat it to relax and unwind injured. Fingers Vs Knife 3D game with entirely three-dimensional graphics and environments are designed and suitable for all systems Android 2.2 is up. Downloadable Games Fingers Vs Knife 3D finger against the knife for Android. Today we are one of the newest versions Fingers Vs Knife 3D game in the Honourable Member site you’ve put all your hope should be considered.
The game features Fingers Vs Knife 3D:
– Three-dimensional game environment
– Graphics
– Fun to play and focus
– Suitable for all ages
– Can be used on all android phones
– Suitable for all system Android 2.2 and above
Fingers Vs Knife 3D images of the Games
Don’t lose your fingers! Courage … This is all you need when you choose to play the deadly game of Fingers Vs Knife. This game requires you to risk your prone and defenseless hand against a sharp-edged blade.
Zone in on the spaces between your fingers and concentrate hitting that
area alone, because you surely do not want to end losing a finger .. or
all your fingers! Continuous game play – just tap on the screen once
the game begins! Realistic 3D hand ! Achievements System.Special
equippable rewards for accomplishing in-game achievements.

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